For Linux Users

On Linux it is easiest to install the appropriate binaries directly using the following commands.

Figure Out Which Architecture Your Processor Has

The following command will return the machine hardware name. For example, x86_64 indicates that you're running on a AMD 64.

uname -m

We currently only support AMD 64 for Linux. Please let us know if you have a ARM64 processor, so we know that we should increase priority for supporting ARM64 processors for Linux.

Install Polytope And Cillers CLI Binaries

curl | gzip -d > pt 
chmod +x pt 
sudo mv pt /usr/local/bin/
curl | tar -xzvf -
sudo mv cillers-cli /usr/local/bin/cillers

Install Kong Insomnia

Use the official installation instructions.

Ensure You Have The Latest Version Of Docker Installed (Not For Windows Users)

Install Docker Desktop or check that your installation is up-to-date. Polytope does not support old versions of Docker.

Ensure you have at least 8GB memory allocated to Docker Desktop.

  1. Open the Docker Desktop dashboard

  1. Open settings

  1. Open Resources

  1. Increase memory limit to at least 8 GB

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