TLDR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

Here is all you typically need to do to get started with Cillers, but you may want to read through the full Getting Started documentation to ensure a smooth experience.

brew update
brew install polytopelabs/tap/polytope-cli
brew install cillers-com/tap/cillers
brew install --cask insomnia
brew install --cask orbstack # if you are a macOS user
cillers new my-system
cd my-system
pt run stack

Make sure that OrbStack or Docker Desktop is running. The pt run stack command will otherwise wait until one of them is running.

Note that Windows users will need to install WSL2 (Windows Subsystem For Linux) first, and run the commands specified above in the Linux environment.

And, if you don't have Homebrew installed, you will need to install that first to be able to run the above commands. The documentation includes instructions on how to install Cillers without Homebrew as well.

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